Are laws on Swiss intelligence an invasion of the public’s privacy?

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The cross-border disclosure of personal data to the USA

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Reportage 3DEco de Léman Bleu Télévision: Data Center, 15.02.2016

Une PME sur dix stockerait ses données sensibles dans un data center. La Suisse est devenue un important coffre-fort des informations numériques.

Les coffres-forts de vos données sensibles, PME Magazine, janvier 2016

What is the positioning of the FINMA regarding FinTech?

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Publication du think tank renaissance numérique : Digital exploration, juillet 2015

What is the meaning of dirty data and what regulatory measures will be taken to prevent it in Switzerland?

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Likewise for monetary safes to digital security and safeguards, Switzerland boasts these same benefits in the new world of data and cloud services.

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BrainServe presents Tier certification for datacenters at the Event of Association suisse des Professionnels de la Protection des Données.

The Tier IV Design certification by the standards establishment Uptime Institute certifies the highest level of resilience and maintability for a datacenter. BrainServe is the unique certified datacenter in French speaking Switzerland: